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It’s possible you may have a case even if you have been charged with drunk driving. You need an experienced attorney to review your case before it’s too late!

DUI defenses that actually work and understanding them is a complex undertaking that requires years of experience, training and education. A complete working knowledge of the science of chemical testing is essential. An attorney that specializes in DUI defense should have the necessary training in chemistry, biology, physics, physiology and math to be able to interpret the results of any alcohol or drug testing that was performed on a suspect to determine whether the results were accurate, precise and reliable.

In addition to the science involved, a skilled DUI lawyer must understand the proper procedures for the administration of both breath and blood tests and the protocols for the determination of accuracy of the equipment used to calculate a subject’s alcohol levels. If an officer fails to follow proper procedures in taking a breath sample or if blood is not drawn in a medically approved manner the test results can be challenged.

Field sobriety testing is a critical aspect of every DUI investigation. Officers often fail to properly instruct a suspect on how to perform these tests and routinely fail to properly evaluate the performance of the subject by using standardized criteria recognized by the NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A Jacksonville FL Attorney who specializes in DUI defense will have the knowledge to challenge improperly administered FST’s and discredit the arresting officer.

It has long been established that Women absorb and eliminate alcohol differently from men and that there are specific challenges that can be made to the results of a women’s alcohol test based on physiology alone.

In addition to gender, there are innumerable medical conditions that make individuals improper candidates for breath testing, blood testing or field sobriety testing.

Alcohol that’s in your stomach does not effect your ability to drive nor your blood alcohol concentration. It takes time for alcohol to be absorbed into your blood system and effect your brain and ability to drive. It’s very common for people to have their last drink and then drive home only to be stopped by police and investigated for DUI. Under most circumstances, it takes between 30 to 120 minutes for alcohol to be fully absorbed. A test taken after you stopped driving may very well show the results of alcohol that was still in your stomach at the time of driving. This is called the “Rising Blood Alcohol Defense”.

One of the most important defense to a DUI charge involves improper police conduct. This could relate to the reason the officer pulled you over, an unconstitutional checkpoint or a blood test taken from you without valid consent, proper advisement’s or a warrant.

DUI Defense

There are a lot of urban rumors out on the internet concerning drunk driving and how to avoid a DUI charge. Honestly you need an experienced attorney to review your case and make recommendations based on fact not urban legend.

Let’s explore how we can defend you on a DUI charge.

DUI Cost

No matter how you slice it being charged with a DUI isn’t cheap. We’ll walk you thourgh what the costs are and why you really need legal advice along the way. Don’t try and navigate the legal mind field along. We know the laws and can guide you based on knowledge and experience not rumor.

How To Beat A DUI

Even if you have been charged with a DUI it’s still possible to beat or lessen the charge. Before you plead guilty you should seek legal advice on your case. Every case is differnent and only an experienced DUI attorney can guide you through the process.

Can You Get Out Of A DUI

Have you been charged with drunk driving, DUI? Even if you have it’s still possible that you may have a valid defense that we can persue. We’ll list a few here but you really should give us a call to discuss the exact details of your case.

Traffic Stops That Lead To DUI

One of the absolute most common ways to get a DUI in Florida is by a common traffic stop which could be avoided. Find out how to avoid this mistake and what the common traffic stops are.

How To Get A DUI Dismissed

You decided to have a couple of drinks out then maybe you had one more before getting behind the wheel of your automobile. Just down the road on your way home, suddenly you see blue lights in your rear view mirror. Now what do you do?

What you do next could be the difference between a DUI conviction or having the charges dismissed. Findout what your options are but please don’t drink and drive.

10 Ways To Beat A DUI

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DUI Checkpoints In Jacksonville

It’s public record and required by law that the Jacksonville sherriffs office publish the DUI checkpoints.

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